We were Preferred in the Summer Seasons

We have become the choice of many hotels, beaches, and nightclubs thanks to our professional service together with our foam machines, snow machines, laser devices, co2 effect machines, and other professional equipment in the summer seasons.

We Made Antalya snow on New Year

In the 2013 and 2014 New Year, we made snow in various parts of Antalya at street parties as well as many hotels and entertainment venues.

Antevent Valentine’s Day Laser Shows

On Valentine’s Day of 2014, as Antevent Effect Systems Company; we were with eight couples on their happy day by reflecting marriage proposal writings and animations on the Taurus mountains and cliffs with our professional laser show devices.

Antevent at the Local Elections in 2014

In the local elections of 2014, we have gotten great attention from many parties and companies with our professional confetti machines. Confetti machines produced by our company were preferred in many municipal celebrations.

Antevent at the Parties in 2014

In the summer season of 2014, in Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Beldibi, Bodrum, Marmaris, Kuşadası, and many other tourism regions; We have contributed to making many parties, animations, and events more excited and entertaining in hotels, resorts, holiday villages, beaches, and nightclubs. We become the party machinery and equipment supplier of many companies.

Antevent at the Meetings in 2014

We also contributed to making many organizations more efficient and enjoyable in many celebratory moments such as dealer meetings, openings, congresses, ceremonies, product launches.

Successful Dealers Award Ceremony

Their awards were given to the Successful Dealers to the accompaniment of our confetti machines.

Antevent at the Volleyball Award Ceremony

The Volleyball federation gave their awards to the winning team to the accompaniment of our confetti machines.

Antevent at the 2015 Antalya New Year Celebrations

As we celebrated 2015, we made a difference with our laser shows, fireworks shows, and snow machines at the events organized by the municipalities in many cities and provinces as well as in Antalya and Bodrum on New Year.

Foam Machines

Our foam machines took their place as the sales leader in the market in the 2015 summer season thanks to their professional performance at the parties and having all official documents.

Snow Machine

Our Professional Snow Machines are at your service in your party organizations with realistic snow effects and performance.

Confetti Machine

Our large size, small size, co2 gas CE certified confetti machines are at your service in your sales and rentals.

Laser Show Rental

In 2016, our professional technical team performed laser shows (time code) with professional laser machines in many 5-star hotels, entertainment venues, yachts, special days, meetings, congresses, and launches.

Confetti Machines

Our small-sized, big-sized, co2 gas, CE-certified confetti machines are in your services for your sales and rental.

Laser Rental

To provide a better quality service to our valued customers, we imported our laser show devices, which we use in laser rental works, by updating them. We also procured new professional powerful laser show devices in 2016.

Laser Show Rental Services

In your Laser Show rental, the lasers of your choice or our laser show devices we recommend depending on the size of the venue are divided into three as RGB LASERS (12 Watt RGB full colour lasers, 10 W RGB lasers, 8 W RGB lasers, 6 W RGB lasers), GREEN LASERS (8 Watt green laser, 6 W, 5 W, and 3 W single colour green laser), BLUE LASERS (10 Watt blue and 8 Watt blue laser).

The laser devices we will use in laser rentals can be used in desired watts, colours, and in desired numbers depending on the application area. The performance of the laser show devices in the special show, animation, graphic design, and logo studies time code are pre-tested by our professional team before presenting to our valued customers.

Snow Machines - Artificial Snow Making

In the New Year organizations organized by the municipalities, We made snow with our large size professional snow machines. Snow machines provide a realistic snow effect and a great visual effect to organizations.

We would like to express our gratitude to all municipalities, organization companies, shopping malls, and organizers who chose us.

Snow Machines

As Antevent Company, we made snow in shopping malls, parking lots, organization venues with our big-size professional snow machines. Thanks to our snow machines, you will make the winter feel like winter. Antevent Snow Machines are the right choice.

It’s November, Time to Snow

No matter how big the venue of your organization is, there will be no place that is not covered with snow in the venue thanks to our rich stock.

Thanks to Antevent Snow Machines and our other party machines, you will amaze your guests.

Snow Machines Rental

Do you know that you can also rent our snow machines in company with our professional technical team?

Snow Effect at Filming, Advertising, and Series shots

Snowing at filming, advertising, and series shots

Whatever the season, you can provide realistic scenes for your audiences by using snow machines for filming, advertising, and series shots.